Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daisy liked to drink water; when she developed aproblem with her leg and it became difficult for herto walk to her water dish she pushed her dish with hernose so it would be right next to her bed. Her favourite foods were (in order) caviar, beefWellington, New York strip steak with mushrooms and A1sauce, bananas, dog biscuits and white flour (sheutterly refused to eat oatmeal or blueberries). Idon't know what her favourite colours were. Her favourite activities included doing dances on herown initiative and of her own choreography, and(waiting until they had an audience) putting onperformances of fighting with her daughter Keiko Ann. She explored great distances with her daughter andsometimes didn't return home for prolonged periods; ifalone she returned relatively quickly, her face alwayscovered with cobwebs. She went to war and was awardeda medal. She tried valiantly to talk but was unableto do it. She flatly refused to make any attempt tolearn how to read, and, frightened by letters, ranaway from them.

In memory of Daisy

Remembered by Daniel C. Boyer, USA

I do so miss friends and lovers who never managed to make it to Old Age. All their troubles have ended. My woes and unresolved business with them linger, my stale and bitter reward for outliving them. I feel an urge to wish I could talk with them, but actually, I just wish they were still here.

Denial isn't all bad the way everybody makes it out to be. A reporter phoned to get a reaction from John O'Hara about George Gershwin's sudden young death. O'Hara said: "I don't have to believe it if I don't want to."

So sometimes I try to think of my friends and lovers as if they've just moved to Minnesota or Finland -- hard to visit, hard to get on the phone. But they're still alive and I could get lucky next week and see them and talk to them and have dinner with them again, and it will be just the way it all used to be. I could hear the sound of their laughter again.

In memory of friends and lovers

Remembered by Bob Merkin, USA

In memory of Grandmother Mania, Aunt Adele, Mother Helen and Cousin Jean

Remembered by Judith Skolnick, USA

In memory of Christopher
Remembered by Pati Bristow, USA

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Granny Chu (rescue pug) top

Dovie (middle)

Jasper (far right; picured with Iliad and Odyssey, still living) bottom

Shadow box (far bottom)

In memory of pugs passed on

Remembered by Brandy Stark, USA

In memory of Chuck

Remembered by Mary Kim, Canada

Monday, September 17, 2007

In memory of George Maciunas

Remembered by Terry Reid, Australia

She was something of a shaman, and we were wonderful friends until she decided that she was not from this world and therefore there was no need for her to stay... She was creative and funny, with a wicked New York City sense of deliciously sarcastic humor and an astounding skill for astrology powered by an affinity for channeling and a deep spiritual connection that might seem impossible to reconcile in someone other than Mari. She was of Italian descent and whenever we were out together, I was amazed by the spell she cast over men in particular and at large. I was furious with her for taking her life, mad because there were things I wanted to tell her, things we shared and laughter that danced around us when we talked about the most grim of things! She loved to play solitaire on the computer and had once owned a bookstore. She lived in Taos and had a dress shop in the corner of the square that was full of sheer fabric and silk thingy-dos. Her favorite color was beige, she smoked and her car was always saturated in Benson & Hedges residue and littered with potato chip bags. She did sweet things to surprise you but if you crossed her, she shunned you for awhile... then shaking a finger in your face with a look that skewered you into the wall of the present, noted that you might not have your priorities straight because they were different than hers. Then later, it was all ok. Mari changed her name from Lynn to Mari and Mari was better, She was haunted by something fierce, deep and sharp, but many of us loved her dearly and felt blessed by her life, including me...

In memory of Mari

Remembered by Lisa Hertzi, USA