Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daisy liked to drink water; when she developed aproblem with her leg and it became difficult for herto walk to her water dish she pushed her dish with hernose so it would be right next to her bed. Her favourite foods were (in order) caviar, beefWellington, New York strip steak with mushrooms and A1sauce, bananas, dog biscuits and white flour (sheutterly refused to eat oatmeal or blueberries). Idon't know what her favourite colours were. Her favourite activities included doing dances on herown initiative and of her own choreography, and(waiting until they had an audience) putting onperformances of fighting with her daughter Keiko Ann. She explored great distances with her daughter andsometimes didn't return home for prolonged periods; ifalone she returned relatively quickly, her face alwayscovered with cobwebs. She went to war and was awardeda medal. She tried valiantly to talk but was unableto do it. She flatly refused to make any attempt tolearn how to read, and, frightened by letters, ranaway from them.

In memory of Daisy

Remembered by Daniel C. Boyer, USA