Monday, September 17, 2007

She was something of a shaman, and we were wonderful friends until she decided that she was not from this world and therefore there was no need for her to stay... She was creative and funny, with a wicked New York City sense of deliciously sarcastic humor and an astounding skill for astrology powered by an affinity for channeling and a deep spiritual connection that might seem impossible to reconcile in someone other than Mari. She was of Italian descent and whenever we were out together, I was amazed by the spell she cast over men in particular and at large. I was furious with her for taking her life, mad because there were things I wanted to tell her, things we shared and laughter that danced around us when we talked about the most grim of things! She loved to play solitaire on the computer and had once owned a bookstore. She lived in Taos and had a dress shop in the corner of the square that was full of sheer fabric and silk thingy-dos. Her favorite color was beige, she smoked and her car was always saturated in Benson & Hedges residue and littered with potato chip bags. She did sweet things to surprise you but if you crossed her, she shunned you for awhile... then shaking a finger in your face with a look that skewered you into the wall of the present, noted that you might not have your priorities straight because they were different than hers. Then later, it was all ok. Mari changed her name from Lynn to Mari and Mari was better, She was haunted by something fierce, deep and sharp, but many of us loved her dearly and felt blessed by her life, including me...

In memory of Mari

Remembered by Lisa Hertzi, USA