Friday, October 26, 2007

In memory of my father, Robert Boyd

Remembered by Maxi Boyd, Canada

In memory of Granny Boyd

Remembered by Maxi Boyd, Canada

In memory of Abuelita Alonso

Remembered by M. Boyd, Canada

In memory of Bernardo Alonso

Remembered by Maxi
Boyd, Canada
In memory of Connor
Remembered by Maxi Boyd, Canada

In memory of Aunt Loreen

Remembered by M. Boyd, Canada

In memory of Melisandé Irvine
Remembered by Beatriz and Maxi Boyd, Canada

In memory of Dawn Smith

Remembered by Maxi Boyd, Canada

Many a night was spent partying in Dave's basement...ah his toilet bowl I knew it well...thank you and good night rude boy.
In memory of Dave Karnick
Remembered by Maxi Boyd, Canada

In memory of Giuseppina Salvi

Remembered by Beatriz and Maxi, Canada

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cat Spirit

In memory of Anonymous- our family pet for 18 years. Favourite things, chicken, lying in the sun, sleeping, being stroked.

In memory of Anonymous

Remembered by Gill Hands, UK

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In memory of Albertine Sarrzin

Remembered by JNP, France

Monday, October 15, 2007

In memory of..."A todos los Muertos y Animas del Purgatorio"......

Remembered by Irene Roncetti, Argentina

Friday, October 12, 2007

"My friend was called Maurice. He died suddenly of a heart attack unexpectedly, one misty September morning, aged 50ish. Slender in build , an unlikely candidate for heart disease.Maurice was a painter with a passion for oil painting on a grand scale and there was never enough money in his pocket for his favourite colour, Cadmium Yellow. He'd do without food to buy this paint and took on a job of finishing football goal nets to support his Father and his painting. He had a tatty red car that was always causing him grief, a selection of soft muted thick cotton shirts and he loved good freshly ground coffee and the smell of autumn. Here was a patient, knowledgeable man whose one phrase of disagreement was "Is that right...?" We were friends and he made me smile... I'll never know if we could have been more than this, because that morning it all came to an end.... and I still miss him"

In memory of Maurice

Remembered by Sandi Baker, UK

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In memory of Edgardo Antonio Vigo and Guillermo Deisler

Remembered by Clemente Padin

I took Eppy over to the vet at eleven. Once he laid down at night, it took longer every morning to get his 80 pounds up on all fours and his first balance was drunken. He perked a tad when I said: "Come on, Peppy. We're gonna see the Doc." It took some awkward movement and strenuous contortion to get him in the van. The Animal Clinic was five minutes away. He became more animated as the familiar houses passed and certainly more excited as we turned into the parking lot. His leash put back on, he almost leaped and sometimes fell on the pavement, straightened up, took a quick leak on the grass and the leash took on horsepower to the office door. The staff loved this fourteen year old gentle black Lab mutt. We went through the weekly routine -well, twice a week now. Pep didn't need directions to the scale in the hallway and we didn't need to move a leg anymore to get all four on the rubber. He had lost two more pounds in three days. "Good baby." Dr. Welter entered the office (four feet from the scale) at the same time it took the nurses and me to get Eppy there. Epp always wagged his tail while it was between his legs and the Doc gave him the immediate injection in the back thigh with the few sweet words. Occasionally, Eppy-peppie would stay a few hours for tests. I kissed him on the rump and said be a good boy. I'll be back in a little while. Melissa said, on cue, pulling his leash: "Come on, sweetheart. That's a good boy." He didn't look back. I'd be back. In the waiting room, the Doc said he'd call. It was a take. A wrap. Eppy was great and the staff was perfect. I was good, too. Later, I thanked Dr. Welter and all personally for their great work. It was moving. Perfect. Earlier that week, the Doctor called with the bad news that they had found a pronounced cancer in his liver, The puzzling growing arthritis now made sense. There was no fault. Eppie had, at best, two weeks. No. He was afraid of hurting butterflies or afraid of butterflies. It was a ride back home that morning six months ago. The van made it. I never did but- Eppie's playmate for seven years, Scooby, needed him as much. The love inside Epp was not that difficult. It helped Scoob because Epp reminded me there was more than me.

In memory of Eppy

Remembered by Glen Epstein, USA

JANUARY 5, 1942 - OCTOBER 4, 1995


We miss you being there, when we have good news to share,We miss you being there, when we have pain to bear,We miss you being there, when we need someone to care,We miss you being there, when we feel life is unfair,But most of all we miss you "just being there".We love you and miss you, always and forever, your girls...Deanna, Krista, Andrea and Tyfanni

In memory of Herbert Bradley

Remembered by Krista Bradley, Canada

In memory of Nino Marziano (top)

Remembered by Alberto Sordi, Stefano Carloni (nosferatu) and Raffaella Di Renzo (doll), Italy (below)