Friday, October 12, 2007

"My friend was called Maurice. He died suddenly of a heart attack unexpectedly, one misty September morning, aged 50ish. Slender in build , an unlikely candidate for heart disease.Maurice was a painter with a passion for oil painting on a grand scale and there was never enough money in his pocket for his favourite colour, Cadmium Yellow. He'd do without food to buy this paint and took on a job of finishing football goal nets to support his Father and his painting. He had a tatty red car that was always causing him grief, a selection of soft muted thick cotton shirts and he loved good freshly ground coffee and the smell of autumn. Here was a patient, knowledgeable man whose one phrase of disagreement was "Is that right...?" We were friends and he made me smile... I'll never know if we could have been more than this, because that morning it all came to an end.... and I still miss him"

In memory of Maurice

Remembered by Sandi Baker, UK